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Welcome to the Integrated Computer Science Project at Centennial Academy

How the integrated Computer Science Project Helps Teachers with Project-Based Curriculum

The strategy behind the integrated Computer Science Project is to create units that integrate academic areas through digital project-making. Teachers will collaborate regularly over three years with computer science mentors and science educators to create curricular guides, which will be based on their own efforts and experiences implementing the computer science activities in their classrooms. Not only will the iCS project provide other educators with fresh, current lesson plans and tools, it also offers teachers access to real-life experience with industry professionals.

This integrated approach to teaching elementary-level computer science emphasizes educational technology (i.e., using computers across the curriculum), information technology (i.e., designing, developing, and managing digital media on and off the internet), and computer science as an academic subject (i.e., how to design and develop software and computer machinery). The International Society for Technology in Education’s partnership in this iCS project provides an opportunity to use empirical evidence to revise current technology standards to include computer science.

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